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Gro DAO Roles and Responsibilities

DAO setup often poses a tricky balance between decentralisation and speed to execute. Vitalik Buterin recently shared his views on how to strike such balance in this post, where he highlighted how convex decisions could make use of broad-based governance while concave decisions––often seen in the execution layer––would be better suited for a more centralised pod structure with a high level of autonomy.

This structure follows the framework that combines DAO governance with more autonomous pods that are empowered to make decisions within the mandate approved by DAO tokenholders. It outlines how the DAO governs the establishment and ongoing mandate renewal of the pods and committees, while delegating the day-to-day management within each unit to its own contributors (including the facilitator).

For more details, see the DAO-approved document on ‘What is governed by who’.

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This DAO includes 2 types of sub-DAOs/pods/workstreams in its organisational structure:

Facilitator-led pods (i.e. Groda Pod, Panda Pod, FiSt Pod, People Pod)